Colorful Bathroom Sets – Creative Ideas for Marvelous Bathrooms

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Colorful Bathroom Sets – A bathroom is the perfect place where you can play with colors and let your imagination run wild. Bathroom is an important room in everyone’s home; it’s your personal cozy spot and in so many cases a space where you spend some quality alone time. A bathroom should be designed such that it is both pleasing and relaxing.

An important factor to consider when you design your bathroom is the color that will be used in doing up the bathroom walls and decor. The basic rule when decorating any room is to choose complimenting colors and co-ordinate them. After the color selection you choose the type of accessories you’d like to put in your bathrooms to accentuate the beauty of the room. We provide you some of the most colorful and appealing ideas to do up your bathrooms.


Let’s begin with the discussion of colors. Different colors describe different moods.

  • Subtle purple is a great option to create a relaxing environment. Purple bathroom sets give a very soft look to the bathroom.
  • Blue gives a very fresh feeling and sets an airy mood in the bathroom. Blue is a great colour when setting up shower place bathroom sets.
  • Yellow will give the bathroom space a very cheerful feeling. It brightens up the space. It is the most preferred color for powder room accessories.
  • Pink, a dramatic color will transform your bathroom into a glamorous looking room. Though of course, it might be a preferred option among the womenfolk. Men can be persuaded for a subtle light pink shade on occasion.
  • Neutrals give a very polished look to the space. Neutral tones are very rich and elegant. A bathroom will look very sophisticated in neutrals.
  • Green will give the bathroom a bigger look. An earthy-looking color, a great option for small spaces.
  • If you are ready to go bold, choose antique copper or blues. These will add a depth to your walls and give your bathroom a royal look.
  • Prefer aqua shades if you are looking for a classic look.
  • An ultimate bathroom color – Grey. It’s easy maintenance and the right shade can add a touch of elegance with functionality.

Bathroom Fresh Kids Bathroom With Colorful Wall And Small White intended for small bathroom kids for Aspiration - Man 17

Once you have chosen the color that you prefer to build your bathroom with, you will need to use your sense of mix and match creativity to do up your bathroom. There is no specific rule in setting up bathroom sets. You can prefer to opt for light colored bathroom sets and bright colors walls. Alternatively, you can set up colorful looking bathroom sets with white or neutral toned walls as well.

Black and White Bathroom Sets

Decor up your bathroom by embracing monochrome concept. Big or small bathrooms are everybody’s personal space. It is a place that is used for personal hygiene activities such as brushing your teeth using manual or battery powered toothbrush. The basic necessity elements of a bathroom are the chamber pot, shower area and a sink. Who doesn’t love flaunting a great looking bathroom? The colors, style, method and textures of the bathroom depend on the personal style and needs of the home owner. But there is one bathroom style that’s always in vogue – the black and white bathroom sets! Monochrome bathrooms have been around since time immemorial. The black and white color scheme for bathroom gives a chic look to the entire space. Although it is the most preferred decor for small bathroom, large bathrooms can also adopt this layout and pull it off with ease.


Black and white bathroom sets or monochrome sets are ideal bathroom styling soul mates, since the color black is known for its light absorption properties and white is a known light reflector. Together they create mind-blowing decor for your bathroom. If you are still thinking why you should opt for black and white bathrooms ditching other colors, here are a few reasons why.

Top Reasons for Choosing Black and White Bathroom Sets

  1. Eternal Style: Black and white color can never move down the fashion list. They have always looked good. This is one reason why you would never have to invest again in renovating your bathroom with the changes in trend every season. Save your money!
  2. Multifunctional: The design idea is very simple for black and white bathrooms; hence they look clean and neat. This makes them an apt choice for any space rooms’ like- guest bathrooms or bedroom bathrooms.
  3. Creative: There are lot of design options to choose from when you prefer only black and white. You can also use your own creativity in designing your own bathroom. Get the tiles striped, patterned or geometric printed. Choose your sink to be full white or complete black. You will never go wrong.
  4. Easy Maintenance: It is a known fact that white is hard to maintain. But when it comes to bathroom sets, maintenance of white is easy because there is no discoloration or fading problems.
  5. Pattern Matching: If you have black and white bathroom sets installed in your bathrooms, it is easy to match the other accessories like shower curtains, soap dispensers, towels etc.

For most of us bathrooms is our relaxation zone and we design it with attention and precision. Try something new, or should we say, try the age-old tried and tested black and white combination for your bathroom.



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