Brick Laying Patterns – Discover the Various Brick Laying Options

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Brick Laying Patterns – is a method of laying stones in a definite way to build structures. Brickwork is accomplished using two important components – bricks and cement. The bricks are arranged and cement is applied to join them firmly. Two terminologies to be understood, when we talk about brick laying are: Stretchers- Bricks laid along the wall show their sides and Headers: Bricks laid across the wall show their ends.

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In the past the construction contractor mixed bricks and created a random pattern. Over the years, these laying styles have evolved and are now done considering factors like cost, fashion and labor. Some of the more common brick laying patterns are discussed below.

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Common Types of Brick Laying Patterns

  1. Flemish bond pattern

This pattern is one of the oldest brick laying pattern. The Flemish bond pattern was the most preferred pattern primarily in England, not as much in the rest of Europe. This is a very basic pattern that is achieved by laying headers and stretchers in each layer. The header and the stretcher layer are alternated and laid to form the wall structure. This pattern is usually seen for the patio walls and driveways.

basket weave brick laying patterns

  1. Basket weave pattern

Basket weave pattern has been around us since time immemorial. This is a very famous pattern that resembles the checker board style of laying the wall. The brick that forms the wall structure are set across against each other in the horizontal and vertical methods. This creates a visual effect of basket weave. This is a beautiful pattern that creates an appealing look to the patio or outside entertainment areas of the house

simple brick laying patterns

  1. Running bond pattern

Running bond brick laying pattern is the chosen method for landscape areas of the residences. This pattern is an easy pattern and it is efficient in protection the atmosphere. Since it is a very simple pattern of laying bricks, any hindrances that come along the construction of the wall can be saved. If there are any trees or branches that obstruct the wall you can stop the wall construction and continue after the branch ends. It is a very durable and strong pattern of brick-laying.

herringbone brick laying patterns

  1. Herringbone brick laying patterns

Herringbone brick laying pattern is the strongest of all the patterns. The bricks are tightly interlocked in this pattern as they are laid in a criss-cross fish bone method.  This is a visually appealing pattern; hence it is used along the entrance of the home.


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