Best Color for Bathroom : Guide to Choose the Best Paint for Your Bathroom

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Best Color for Bathroom – No matter how intrinsically a bathroom is designed and fitted with best of the fixtures, the color scaling of bathroom decides the final outlook. Hence as a home owner, you better be investing time and effort in choosing the appropriate color scheme for your new bathroom.

best color for bathroom for modern residence

Tips for Choosing the Best Color for Bathroom

  • Get to know the options. We tend to assume there are limited color schemes available. However the paint industry has lot more variations in store than one could think of. Hence get in touch with your designer and obtain the color chart. You could find a plethora of color variations available in it.

calm but best color for bathroom

  • The color wheel. After getting to know the colors available, next step would be checking the color combinations that blend perfectly. Buy a color wheel to obtain easy and sensible solutions to end your color combination woes.

best color for bathroom combined with unique chandelier

  • Decide on the number. Decide on the number of colors that you are going to shade your bathroom walls with. It is generally advisable to go with the rule of three. A rich color, a neutral tone and one accent would suffice to elevate the looks of your bathroom walls.

contemporary ideas on picking best color for bathroom

  • Work out proportions. Once the three colors are zeroed on, it is then time to divide wall proportions for each color. The popular proportion distribution is 70, 20 and 10. This means you paint 70% of your wall with the lightest color, 20% of your wall with second lightest and remaining 10 % with the richer tone.

best color for bathroom in blue theme concept

Why you Need to Pick Best Color for Bathroom

  • Refer your flooring style. The type and style of flooring inside the bathroom have a greater impact on color selection for walls. Experts suggest that in order to bring out the beauty of the stones like marble, cool colors should be preferred over richer ones.

green theme color for bathroom

  • Color for period designs. If you happen to own a period style home with bathrooms fittings to suit the era, then you might as well research on the color tones that were used in that said period. Choose a color that was popular in that era and one that compliments your bathroom fittings.

best color for bathroom in smaller layout

  • Size of your bathroom. Some colors have the tendency to make the room look smaller or larger. Choose the color as per sizing of your bathroom. For example a bright yellow can make the bathroom appear tinier.

best color for bathroom combined with futuristic bathroom sets

  • Paint a poster board. Once you have narrowed down your color options, try painting poster board with it. Now hang the painted board on your bathroom wall. This can give you an idea of how it works and how well the color can align with the existing interior and flooring.

best color for bathroom in dark concept

best color for bathroom combined with marvelous lighting concept

smart ideas for picking the best color for bathroom

best color for bathroom ideas

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