Best Bathroom Flooring : Your Guide to Making the Best Choice

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Best Bathroom Flooring – Flooring options for bathrooms have certainly come a long way from handmade carpets to floating floors. Though the bathroom flooring decisions seem synonymous with flooring choice of rest of the house, there still exists a bottom line – The moisture. Hence one has to devote considerable time and effort in properly choosing a bathroom flooring option.

Bathroom Flooring Options Explained

The market is flooded with a variety of flooring option for bathrooms that suit various styles and different budgetary constraints. Here are few popular flooring options explained in order to help you make an informed decision.

Vinyl Tiles Flooring


This flooring option is increasingly gaining popularity due to its affordable pricing and quality. It is easy to clean and stain resistant. If you pick the high quality one, vinyl tiles can help reduce water seepage which is one of the major problems with bathroom floorings. Yet another solid advantage of vinyl flooring is that the installation is simple enough that you can do it yourself.

Tiles Flooring


The plethora of options can of course not be contained within this single word. Tiles are the most sought after choice for flooring inside a bathroom. They are extremely durable and slip resistant. The options are clay based tiles, ceramic tiles, plastic laminate tiles and so on. When compared with vinyl, tiles are tougher for installing. However the effort pays off with longer lifespan of the flooring.

Wood Flooring


Wood as an option for bathroom flooring is definitely reserved for those who prefer style over safety. There are a wide range of wooden flooring options like timber, solid wood and engineered hardwood. They are sure to add a touch of style and an air of elegance to the interiors. But wood comes with the high risk of water seeping and damage caused by moisture. As a precautionary measure, care must be taken during installation that the wood tiles are carefully sealed at all corners.

Glass Tiles Flooring


Does the very word make you worry about slips and falls? Not to worry! Though, glass tiles are assumed to be slippery, there are slip proof texture tiles that when installed properly are very safe for use. A layer of glass on your bathroom floor provides an illusion of depth. One can also choose stained glasses for a higher level of aesthetic appeal.

Bamboo Flooring


Engineered bamboo floors can be a good eco-friendly flooring option for the nature lovers. They also tend to provide a natural look to your bathroom interiors. Being manufactured from a highly sustainable resource, bamboo floors are also fairly budget friendly.

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