Bathroom Wall Stencils – Discover Your Style and Creativity

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Bathroom Wall Stencils – Wall stencils are the creative low cost solutions for creating unique design patterns on the surface of a wall. The stencils come in different shapes and sizes. All one has to do is to hold the desired stencil against the wall and paint on it. Once the stencil is removed, the required design shall be obtained. Wall stencils can be fun for all ages and easy do-it-yourself task. Creative people can have a good time with unique designs which can even be combined to create wall murals.


Tips for Adding a Wall Stencil to your Bathroom

Bathrooms are places where people tend to relax after a tiring day’s work. Having an appealing bathroom interior can definitely provide a mood lift. Embellishing the bathroom walls with beautiful stencil patterns is the current decorating trend. Not only are they re-usable but they also offer the advantage of being used to create plenty of patterns. Vibrant color combinations can be used along with wall stencils to align with the existing design of your bathroom.


How to do Wall Stencils for your bathroom

  1. Research: Do a lot of research. If you are a newbie, try learning more about wall stencil basics. Go through a tutorial or two on how to do a wall stencil and the steps involved.
  2. Choose your stencil type: No, this doesn’t mean the stencil design. You have to first zero in on the stencil type based on the material it is built of. There are various types of stencils available in market like plastic frames, steel patterns, long rod stencils and so on. One has to make an informed decision on the stencil type to be used before going ahead with the job.
  3. Get your measurements right: Before buying a stencil, make sure you have the exact measurement of your bathroom wall at hand. In case you need to decide on positioning the stencil design at a particular spot, knowing the measurements will improve the accuracy.
  4. Choose the design that suits your interior: There are plenty of design options available with wall stencils. The bathroom wall can be designed with stencils as creative as the designer can get. Choose the stencil design that can best align with the existing style of bathroom interior, as it will up the style quotient of your bathroom.
  5. Make a wise choice of color: The color of paint applied on bathroom wall stencil is an important factor which can affect the overall look of your bathroom.







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